abstract expressionism

Barbara Klein

"Abstract Expressionism"
4-Week Course • 2pm - 4pm/Mondays
Summer I & II sessions
Room 3 Arts Education Space

Abstract Expressionism class is for artists of all levels, whether you are just curious, starting out painting, or an experienced artist this is an opportunity to paint in different ways and express yourself in an intangible manner. 

There is no pressure to make your work look like anything in particular, and the more we give up expectations, the more enjoyable the painting experience!

Week 1: Mark Making

Week 2: Music/Rhythm

Week 3: Shapes

Week 4: Expressing Emotions. Review completed work and select specific work for possible showing.

Suggested materials:

  • Large roll of medium thick white paper (approx 3' - 4' wide, or larger). Large roll of canvas (not necessary... only use canvas if you prefer to paint on canvas).

  • Acrylic paints: Large bottle or tubes of black and white, and various colors that you enjoy. Prime colors are perfect. Jars or tubes are fine. (If you do not have paints please let us know there is acrylic paint and supplies available at the Jersey Shore Arts Center.)

  • Brushes in various sizes: cheap chip brushes are fine. Thin to thick. Long-handled brushes as well as short-handled. I can show you ways to extend the length of your brush handles.

  • Paint palette: paper plates are ok, freezer paper taped to a table is fine, too.

  • Paper towels, rags.

  • Charcoal - Thin and thick sticks.

A complete list of materials and supplies will be sent to registered students.

Cost: $60/pp for 4-week session



About the guest artist instructor:


Barbara Klein

"I have been part of the Jersey Shore Arts community since 2001. Art is more than marking canvas, drawing a picture or mixing colors. As a teacher,
I understand the importance of learning and having objectives in a lesson plan. However, as an artist I realize the value of the painting experience, and understand the personal journey of creating art. I am currently available to teach in person, or virtually. My past experience includes 15 years of computer training, digital editing and graphic design as well as 10 years substitute teaching for students in grades K through 8th."

Instagram: stbarbwire1