Jeanne Power

"Beginner Watercolor"
4-Week Course • 6pm - 8pm/Thursdays
Ages 16 and older
Summer II session only
Room 3 Arts Education Space

It's never too early or too late to learn how to paint with watercolor!
This beginner watercolor class is the perfect space for those that have the desire to watercolor paint but don't know how to get started or how to get re-started.
You will learn a wide variety of techniques, including paintbrush usage, color mixing, color application and most of all, enjoy creative expression in this fun and relaxing setting!

There will be a completed project to display for the upcoming student show in July.


A supply list and syllabus will be provided upon registration. Instructor will also provide some materials.

Cost: $40/pp



About the guest artist instructor:


Jeanne Power

"As a painter I find inspiration in what I see in my community that surrounds me.  I paint these subjects and moments in hopes to show an authentic expression of my experience. 

I have had a combination of formal art education in college,  Studio Arts Program at Brookdale Community College and self-taught.  For the past 10 years I’ve continued and enjoyed taking art classes throughout Monmouth county.

I paint primarily in watercolor using dry brush, glazing and washes. It’s a fascinating medium because there are so many ways watercolor can be used.   It’s also a bit of a thrill because you must be completely committed when your fully loaded brush first hits that paper!  A mistake can’t be erased, only accepted and loved.  


Some inspirations are Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keefe and the fascinating portraits by Dima Rebus."

Instagram: @jepowerart