ADA Accessibility Project • "Arts access for all abilities"

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Goals of the Accessibility Project

  • Safe unencumbered access for all Jersey Shore Arts Center residents, staff, guests and students.

  • Increase safe access to both parking areas and entrances 

  • Increase attendance of the disabled and health impaired communities by providing independent access

  • Provide improved public space to the surrounding Ocean Grove community

Project Summary

The Jersey Shore Arts Center (JSAC) Accessibility Plan 2020 (AP2020), revised for 2021 budget, provides improved accessibility for all visitors and volunteers with disabilities providing non-barrier access to both the North and South parking lots without the concern of distance. This plan focuses on improving the access to the South Lobby, new parking lot resurfacing and safe ramp access in both parking lots and a new Lawrence Avenue sidewalk area which connects both parking areas.

The AP2020 plan requires removing the broken cement slab located in front of the South doorway and replacing with a new graded cement ADA handicap ramp area for better accessibility for wheelchairs. A wheelchair lift will be installed just to the left side of the South Entrance staircase to give visitors with disabilities access to the Main Lobby level and main elevator. Push-button automatic door openers will be installed on all ramp entrances to ensure independent access. The fire lane area will be completed with asphalt and striped to direct wheelchair traffic. [See Section D - green in the engineering plan below]

One handicap accessible space will be added adjacent to the existing van accessible spots for a total of 3 handicap spaces per lot for additional access. Safe pedestrian traffic is ensured with the installation of the Easy Roll® grass pavers to provide attendees a level surface and adding set wheel stops in the area along the eastern property line to ensure a consistent parking area. The South Parking Lot driveway apron will also be resurfaced as part of the sidewalk refurbishment. [See Section D - green in the engineering plan below]

The 20-year old wooden ramp structure material, in the North Parking area, is replaced with composite decking to extend the age of the ramp entrance; the footprint will not change. and a new “ramp” door in the same style and color replaces the current door and the inside hallway will feature non-slip flooring, automatic lighting for nighttime use, newly painted walls and a new information board detailing access to the various areas of the building and provides a welcoming area for those using the ramp to gain access. [See Section A - purple in the engineering plan below]

Pavement striping will aid traffic flow and restrict parking to designated areas and “conditional” accessible parking in the center of the North Lot to be set as needed for the events as conditions allow. [See Section B - orange in the engineering plan below]

The pipe fence in the North Parking Lot has been significantly damaged and is very dangerous. Part of the fence opens to non-standard, unsafe step down. Without a substantial barrier in place, vehicles can drive off the elevated parking causing injury and extreme injury. The broken pipe is sharp and is used as a handrail when lowering down to the ground. The same fence style used in the South Parking Area is proposed to replace the current fencing and wheel stops to prevent cars from parking past the fencing. [See Section B - orange in the engineering plan below]

Finally, the plan replaces the deteriorated sidewalk located on Lawrence Avenue that connects the North and South parking lots poses a liability and safety risk. A refurbished sidewalk area means safe access for those with disabilities. A safe, walkable sidewalk allows an accessible and safer to exit after the completion of JSAC events in the evening hours and adds to neighborhood beautification efforts. [See Section E - yellow in the engineering plan below]

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