Culinary Arts

Sylwia Siwiak

"Eastern European Fusion"

4-Week Course

Summer I & II session

Pre Recorded Sessions

Simple elegant cooking.

Learn how to prepare beautiful dishes, elegant enough to prepare for guests, but simple enough to enjoy every day. Get introduced to some new techniques like Sous Vide and pressure cooking.

Learn some cooking basics that you can build upon to improve your skills in the future. Each class will focus on cooking a complete entree, with focus on fusion and international dishes as well as unique herbs and spices.

This course is recorded in the JSAC Third Floor Kitchen space and is the first of many classes that can be created virtually and (once we re-open) in-person.

This class is free, but donations are welcome to provide future culinary education programs in the Jersey Shore Arts Center. Once the lessons are completed, the link will placed here for both sessions. Registration is not required.

About the guest instructor:


Sylwia Siwiak

Please visit Sywia's instagram page to view her latest creations.