Joe Borzotta

"Drawing Superheroes"

2-Class Session

June 29 & July 6 • 5pm - 6:30pm

Summer II session only

Room 3 Arts Education Space

Are you a fan of superheroes in comic books and movies? Do you wish you could draw your favorites as well as create your own?

Students will learn a traditional way to draw a comic book superhero in Class 1 via demonstration and handouts, and then they will do one or more drawings in class using pencil and black marker.

Their homework for Class 2 is to create their own superhero, bringing in a description with powers and a name.

Using the method learned in class 1, each student will do sketches and create their own, unique superhero! Paper, pencils, erasers, handouts, etc. will be on hand students will need to bring black markers which I will define brand/type via email to registered students.

Cost: $20/pp


About the resident artist instructor:


Joe Borzotta


Joseph Borzotta is a fine artist, illustrator, and former gallery owner. He is a graduate of RI School of Design and School of Visual Arts. His work has appeared in National Review, St Martins Press, DeeVee Comics, and more, and has shown in galleries in the US and mainly in the NY/NJ area. He created the Hoboken Creative Alliance and was part of the 9/11 Memorial Committee. Later he owned bar/art galleries in Hoboken and New York City.


His work can be seen at www.JosephBorzotta.com