Support the Arts at the Jersey Shore Arts Center

Since 1997, the Ocean Grove Historic Preservation Society has worked diligently to restore this Historic building. The work has been scheduled and accomplished as funds permit and the Jersey Shore Arts Center (JSAC) needs continued community and financial support to complete these projects.


Supporting the Arts is both a responsibility and a rewarding experience. The Arts are a historic, visual context to the past, enlightens us of the present and helps us explore the potential within ourselves. Listed below are a couple of ways you can support the arts for the Jersey Shore Arts Center.

1. Attend the performances at the JSAC

The JSAC is committed to providing the opportunity and facilities for various theater groups. Your attendance and support is their encouragement to continue their profession.

2. Make a tax-deductable contribution

Monetary donations will help support building and restoration projects along with funding JSAC sponsored events that are affordable and in most cases, free as part of our ongoing mission to support local artists and arts programming.  You will be sent the JSAC tax ID number. See our donations page for various giving options.

3. Hold your event with JSAC

The Jersey Shore Arts Center features 2 theaters, dining hall with full professional kitchen, and main lobby for your organization's next event. Rental fees that can accommodate along with sound and lighting options. Call JSAC main office at 732-502-0050 to schedule your onsite visit.

4. Don't keep us a secret.

Talk about your experiences while attending our events and programs. The Old Neptune High School is rich in history and stories. Past alumnus are always welcome and if they wish, could volunteer as docents for our yearly building tours. The JSAC residents are all artists and creative professionals; referring business and clients will benefit them but also supports our mission to support local arts initiatives. If you've used our building for an event, tell your colleagues and friends. But above all, talk us up.

5. Designate us as your nonprofit on AmazonSmiles

.5% of the proceeds from the merchandise you purchase on Amazon can go toward building restoration and maintenance projects as well as arts programing. To learn more about setting this option up on your Amazon shopping account, click here.

6. Volunteer. Volunteer. Volunteer.

The Jersey Shore Arts Center is staffed by 3 people, the rest of the work is carried out by volunteers, Workforce Development, Community Service and Federal Work Study Programs. The JSAC is always looking for volunteers for our larger fundraising events, event support, beautification and promotions. The Ocean Grove Historic Preservation Society, started out with a group of devoted, hard-working volunteers. Continuing the tradition of support through volunteerism helps us grow as an organization and helps keep expenses maintainble. Click here to sign-up.


Accessibility Project 2020

As part of our vision to increase the accessibility of the arts to the Jersey Shore communities, Jersey Shore Arts Center (JSAC) plans to add wheelchair access to the South Lobby entrance by installing a wheelchair lift, adding push-button doors and smooth, paved surface outside in the South Parking Lot area in front of the South Lobby entrance. In addition, JSAC also plans to refurbish the Lawrence Avenue sidewalk area and replace the pipe fencing in the North Parking Lot. JSAC also plans to re-install the current wheelchair ramp in composite decking material, install a new door with push-button access and create a welcoming hallway area for people with disabilities. JSAC believes these improvements will allow all populations access to the arts events and programming as well to resident spaces. Plans to be posted online in the upcoming weeks.

Green Room Arts Project 2020

To further the supports local arts, JSAC is creating space in the basement area under the Palaia stage to use as arts education space when not being used as a dressing room area. Changes will accomodate the multi-use for visiting art instructors and students as well as theatre companies. The project will revitalize the space with newly painted walls, added storage and workspace. From Mid June to September, the Palaia theatre is not used for theatrical performances because a central air system is not affordable at this time. In the upcoming years, JSAC will plan to make this addition once other capital projects are complete. This donor driven project is posted here for more details and to donate for this space, click here.

East & West Entrance Buildout Restoration Project

Over the years, the wooden architectural elements that sit atop the Main Street and Lawrence Avenue entrances have deteriorated greatly due to extreme weather situation and age. This project will replace the damaged elements, repaint and restore missing moldings to revitalize the building facade. These improvements, covered under a matching grant with the Monmouth County Historic Commission, will bring new energy and provide a clear message to the general public; the Old Neptune High School endures and lives on.


Beautification Project

The JSAC Women's Volunteer Corp will be planting and incorporating new landscaping elements to the western, Main Street entrance prior to the Fall season. A full plan and schedule will be posted shortly.

Palaia Theatre

We are currently working to restore and repair the Joseph A. Palaia Theater on the first and second floors of the building. After it’s initial repair ending in 2000, there are a few areas that need to be retouched over 16 years later. Along with these repairs we will look to adapt the stage so it can better support all of the dynamic theater and educational events on the stage. We hope to extend the stage 10 feet to allow for larger theatrical events and dance recitals, and to reopen the flyspace above the stage to allow sets to be flown up and down. Restoring and renovating the Palaia Theater requires considerable financial support. The Society has established a special fund-raising program. A beautiful Gift Board will be located in the Lobby and individual plaques will recognize generous gift donations. We urge the public, businesses and foundations to lend their support to this meaningful, worthy project. For information call 732-502- 0050.