Lil' Bobby Duncan

"Mural Painting"

8-Week Course • 4pm - 6pm/Wednesdays

Summer I & II sessions

Room 3 Arts Education Space

Students who have some background in the painting process will learn the basic process of enlargement used for murals and large artworks. Using the grid and scaling plus collaborating with other like-minded arts, the group will create a large work for display for the student show. Students will come away knowing how to work from sketch or small painting to large mural or canvas work. Great way to learn scene and public arts working process. Class size will be kept to 4 or more students who are already familiar with the acrylic painting medium.


Materials list and paints will be sent via email to registered students.

Cost: $50/pp



About the artist instructor:


Lil' Bobby Duncan

Graduated St. Joseph High School, Metuchen, NJ. Received Bachelor of Fine Arts (1971) from Rice University, TX and a Masters of Fine Art (1974) from Washington University, St. Louis.

Lil' Bobby is a painter, sculptor, muralist, portraitist, drawing, raconteur, and style consultant. 5 permanent paintings of Ocean Grove, installed on the third floor of the Jersey Shore Arts Center were completed by Lil' Bobby between 2007 and 2011. He has also exhibited on all 3 floors of the building which featured his works from 1957 to present day - his entire scope of works which included sculpture, illustrations, paintings and early childhood work. Bobby currently creates custom portraits, paintings and hand carved works.

While not creating greats works, Bobby is performing his duties as the building monitor and maintaining the signage for the facilities.

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