Martin Swinger

"Songwriting Games: Ages 11yrs - 14yrs"

4-Week Course • 4pm - 6pm/Mondays

Summer I session

Third Floor Cafe Space

Through 25 years teaching songwriting in elementary and middle schools, Martin Swinger has developed several games which introduce the building blocks of songwriting in ways that are a fun challenge. Learn the basics of rhyme, meter, subject follow-through, choosing colorful words, and how different types of songs and different song forms work and can be useful as your songwriting skills grow. For young folks this is a great introduction with lessons that will carry you forward wherever your personal songwriting leads you. Martin creates a Safe Space where all ideas and people are welcome. Bring a notebook and pens or pencils. No music ‘skills’ are necessary, but students will be expected to write down their own ideas and share them.

Cost: $85/pp - 4 Sessions


"Songwriting 101 (Adult)"

4-Week Course • 6pm - 8pm/Mondays

Summer II session

Virtual Zoom Class

Martin Swinger introduces songwriting basics through fun challenges and songwriting games. Skills will scaffold into an understanding of how songs are inspired and expanded from original ideas and how the tools of rhyme, meter and detail help a song ‘sing’ in the listeners ears. Martin creates a Safe Space where all people and ideas are welcome, and peers become allies for each other. Bring a notebook and pens or pencils. No music ‘skills’ are necessary, but students will be expected to write down their own ideas, share them, and be willing to take and offer suggestions.

Zoom link will be shared with registered students.

Cost: $85/pp - 4 Sessions


About the guest instructor:


Martin Swinger

Martin Swinger writes about Alzheimer’s, Autism, oysters, fish, dogs, plastic, paper boats, Betty Boop, closets and love. With acoustic guitar, a fluid voice, intelligent wit, and a keen sense of poetry he sings melodic, compelling, imaginative stories. An eloquent and charmingly charismatic performer, Martin Swinger sings Songs Worth Listening To. (MORE)

"Martin Swinger is one of those rare singer-songwriters who excels at everything: singing, songwriting, guitar-playing, and being so present with his humor, tenderness, and wild mind that his performances are also deep conversations, soul to soul and heart to heart, about the quirks, surprises, and love that brings us most alive. His songs, ranging from the little plastic parts that hold the world together, to what enlightenment comes from Buddha and Betty Boop falling in love, are whimsically and wisely original and enduring." - Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Kansas Poet Laureate Emeritus

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