Paul Bonelli

"Woodcut Printmaking"
4-Week Course • 2pm - 4pm/Thursdays
Summer II session
Room 3 Arts Education Space

An introduction to traditional relief printmaking involving wood. Participants will learn about the tools and materials, how to safely and effectively use the tools, how to ink and print blocks. Variations can be introduced and taught as demanded, such as multiple block printing and other coloring techniques. All necessary tools and materials are provided to the participants out of class and materials fees.


What we provide: during class time students will get pieces of wood, access to a variety of traditional woodcut tools, relief printing inks, printing tools (palette, ink knives, brayers) print papers (white and colored). Students may take their wood home to work on between class meetings, but if students wish to use tools and other materials they will need to provide them on their own. Potential sources of tools, inks, papers, wood, etc will be shared with the students. Class maximum capacity is 10 students.

Week 1: Introduction to printmaking. Students will be shown the materials they will work with. Those who bring sketches and/or ideas can discuss what they want to do and get ideas on what they can
work on before the next meeting. Each student will be given a piece of wood at the dimensions they request for their first block.

Week 2:  Lesson on woodcut safety, and how to cut wood blocks with relief tools. Composition and process advice as requested. Students start cutting.

Week 3: Woodcut continues. If any students feel their blocks are finished (and instructor agrees), instructor will demonstrate inking and printing by hand using those blocks. Other students will be encouraged to watch and learn. Otherwise, everyone just keeps working on blocks.

Week 4: Students who finish their first block (and most do) will get to print it. Instructor demonstrates, then has the student try printing their own block under supervision, choice of ink and paper.


Related processes may be demonstrated for students who wish to learn them. Materials source will be provided to students who want to acquire their own tool sets and materials.

Cost: $85/pp



About the artist instructor:


Paul Bonelli

Paul Bonelli was born and raised in northern New Jersey and now resides in the state’s shore region. He studied art at the College of William and Mary, Montclair State University, and most recently at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, where he earned an MFA in printmaking in 1995. The woodcut print has been his primary medium of expression for the past 25 years, but like most printmakers, he is well experienced in drawing, the other graphic medium. He drew his initial influences from comic books, but also carefully studied the work of the renaissance masters, the great artists of the baroque periods, and twentieth century realists, taking lessons from all. Their use of proportion, shape, edge, and shading all found their way to his work as well. The artist’s work takes inspiration from the world around him, and documents his experience of the human condition, particularly where it meets popular culture. His award winning woodcut prints have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in his home state, as well as other regions around the country, and are included in several important print collections. He has taught drawing and woodcut prints at three different colleges, including two in New Jersey.

Visit Paul's Resident page on on our website: https://www.jerseyshoreartscenter.org/social-animal-arribatta