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One of the ways we support our local artists is providing affordable low cost studio space allowing them to focus on their craft and grow creatively.



Armadillo Tintype
Vanessa Maestri

Mission: In true alchemic form wet plate photography is, to us, magical. A photographic process from the Civil War era seems an unlikely choice considering the convenience of the digital age, but creating a tangible heirloom photograph that will live on for generations is unmatched by any convenience. For us this is a true labor of love from mixing the chemistry to varnishing the finished plate.


Vanessa is a tintype craftswomen creating original 19th century ferrotype and ambrotype photographic plates- using historic cameras and recipes- by hand. A lover of history and Victorian Era, her goal is to keep this beautiful form of photography alive for new generations to cherish and support the tradition of sacred tangible photography She is proud to be a part of the historical building at JSAC.

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