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Devin Peppler Photography

Devin Peppler, photographer


One of the ways we support our local artists is providing affordable low cost studio space allowing them to focus on their craft and grow creatively.



Devin is a professional photographer with over 14 years experience and a BFA in Photography. At Barry University in Miami, Fl, he honed his technical skills and knows his camera like the back of his hand! Based out of the Jersey Shore and known for his fun, laid back demeanor, Devin has a way of making the bride and groom fully enjoy their wedding day. Using a photo-journalistic style that captures the energy and feel of real moments as they happen, Devinʼs photos tell a story and let you relive the most memorable moments of your special day. Devin genuinely loves what he does and whether he is shooting a wedding, family portrait, head shot, or an event, his passion is showcased in each and every one of his photographs. When Devinʼs not shooting photos or editing, he is surfing whenever possible and spending time with his wife, Meredith and baby girl Zoey.

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