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One of the ways we support our local artists is providing affordable low cost studio space allowing them to focus on their craft and grow creatively.


Linda Nieuwenhuizen, Art Conservator,

Give Me A Break Conservation Services, Inc.
Tel. 917-604-3386

Give Me A Break Conservation Services, Inc. (GMAB) is an art conservation practice specializing in the care and treatment of 3-dimensional art(ifacts) and the preservation and promotion of cultural/artistic property. GMAB serves museums, galleries, corporations, collectors, and artists. GMAB offers grant writing services and has been the recipient of funding from Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Greater Hudson Heritage Network (GHHN), Conservation Assessment Program (CAP), Bank of America Conservation Program, among others.

Linda Nieuwenhuizen, who has been involved in the field of conservation since 1984, is the primary objects conservator and owner of GMAB. Linda’s interest in conservation began with her experience in the fields of cultural anthropology and archaeology, where she was active with both national and international excavations. While digging and analyzing finds, it became apparent to Linda that not enough was being done to preserve the artifacts from season to season; thus, her work in archaeology led to her career in conservation. For her formal education in conservation, Linda attended the Art Conservation Department at the State University College at Buffalo, and graduated in 1990. Linda interned in the Anthropology Department at the American Museum of Natural History and following the internship was hired and worked there until 1996. While there, she began a private conservation practice and began teaching as an adjunct professor at the Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

GMAB is committed to working with and conserving collections of institutions as well as private clients, while maintaining the highest professional standards for a conservation practice. Ms. Nieuwenhuizen provides lectures for art/art conservation groups, is a grant writer, and publishes on conservation topics. She is active as a Professional Associate in the American Institute for Conservation and as part of her commitment to advancing art conservation outreach and education, Linda hosts pre- and post-graduate art conservation interns and makes guest lecture appearances. For more on art conservation,

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