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Historic Preservation Projects


Northwest Corner Repointing Project 2022


Repointing of the ground level Northwest Corner area of the Old Neptune High School is important to maintaining a dry basement Library area now considered the Main Office of the Jersey Shore Arts Center. Repointing will safeguard that the deep gaps in the window lentils and missing mortar in the brick from retaining rain and snow melt. The cold New Jersey winters further escalate the issue with the freeze thaw causing deepening fissures in the window areas and further increasing cracking on the brick areas on the Northwest corner. The area of deepest concern is the missing ground level bricks and the spalling. Mortar will be applied to the deficient areas.


Northwest Corner (Main Street and Main Avenue):

  • Repair/Repoint/Replace both sides of wall brickwork

    • Replace missing bricks

    • Repoint damaged areas

    • Repair cracked brick face 

    • Replace with color appropriate sealer to prevent further leaks and degeneration

  • Replace mortar in window lentil areas

Joints and bricks to closely match current coloring and style of brickwork.


Completed - West Wing Walls Project 2021