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One of the ways we support our local artists is providing affordable low cost studio space allowing them to focus on their craft and grow creatively.


piersanti portrait cropped.jpg

Robert Piersanti


MISSION: As a new JSAC member, i look forward to a productive full time art studio. My art focus is modern portraits and pop art. During a dozen plus years in Jersey City, using locals as subject, i became a well known fixture exhibiting in galleries and alternative spaces. Once settled, i will begin a search for a reliable studio mate. I'm including a list of ideas for future projects. Offering to decorate common space with suitable art. Art markets and open studios Photo sessions Life drawing Art with music events Intern search My art skills also include illustration, logo design, hand lettering, and life drawing.


BIO: Robert Piersanti has shown his work from Manhattan to jersey city and Miami to Milan. his commercial work can be seen in magazines such as the New Yorker as well as on CD packaging and book jackets. a new jersey native, Robert draws his content and inspiration from youthful engagement with pop culture. his work will take you back in time and stir up all the counterculture magic.

Facebook: piersanti1

Instagram: piersantistudios


Mobile: 646-468-7447

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