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Surf Fit


5-Week Term $235 / Drop-in anytime $50


5 Week Term / 10 Classes / Tuesdays & Thursdays

About the Course

In this group class, participants will be guided through high-intensity body-weight circuits that will mimic surf-related movements. Extra close attention will be spent on core exercises- as that is essential to any surfer or athletes’ success- as well as meditative stretching.

Your Instructor

Amanda Addotta

Amanda Addotta

Amanda has been teaching Hip Hop for nearly 18 years. Growing up in the Paterson area, her main focus has always been the community. Amanda initiated an inner city dance program through the Girl Scouts when she was 19, and six years later she co-founded an arts-based non-profit organization that brought affordable arts and dance programs to the youth in and around Paterson.
In Amanda’s class, students will not only learn Hip Hop choreography but will also learn about the culture in order to instill a deeper appreciation that will ultimately become evident in their dancing.

She is a true jack-of-all-trades from coaching sports (soccer, basketball, track, etc) to teaching various dance genres (Latin, tap, breakin, etc) to being a personal trainer at New York Sports Club to starting up her own non-profit to expediting food on the Seaside Heights boardwalk to working a corporate job as an administrative assistant all while picking up side gigs on, because all she knows how to do is hustle! With her move “down the shore” a few years ago, she is ready to bring her unique skill set to the shore community. Get ready!

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