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Arts Education Space

Green Texture

Arts education space that fosters
creativity and artful experiences.

New visual arts programs for every level

Jersey Shore Arts Center just recently began art classes for the Summer of 2019 beginning a new style of sponsored programming that benefits the Jersey Shore community and arts educators. After many requests to host and hold art education classes, we began developing program space and new avenues of arts education both teacher driven and student driven. Green Room Art Classes, taught by local art educators, professional crafters and artisans, are mainly taught in the late Spring until late August. These classes begin at the novice level and are meant to teach technique and allow students deep dive into a medium they have very little experience with. Artist Creative Collective, are a group of artists who join group activities meant to challenge, create and inspire. Began as a Meetup group, these artists will host and program the activities for themselves and other Shore Artists. Upcoming in 2020, Community Arts Project will involve a group of artists from all levels along with a lead artist to develop a joint art installation  that will be on display in the Main Lobby or 3rd Floor Public space.

All of these programs are supported by the Jersey Shore Arts Center's nonprofit mission to support local arts and artists. To learn more, sign up for our email list today to receive the January e-newsletter or follow Jersey Shore Arts Center on their Facebook organization's event page.

The Green Room Space

Your donation can fund:

• Repairs to the floor

• New AC unit

• New workspace tables

• Storage cabinets

• Eye wash area

• Lighting fixtures

• Materials for repairs

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I took one look at the space and said to myself, 'What a great space to have a drawing class.' replied the executive director. Then the planning began. Green is usually a color used for rebirth and renewal. Thus the "Green Room" came to be; a room reborn with a new purpose - to have arts education in the Summer months when the Palaia Theater cannot be used. When the Green Room is not being used for the Arts education programming, it will be used for theatrical rehearsals and prep for onstage performances.



The Green Room space located underneath the Palaia Theater is used for theater events requiring actors and performers preparation space prior to the stage performance space. During the summer months and early winter months, the area is not used. This opportunity will also allow local artists and art educators a teaching space during the summer and early winter season. Improving this space will also create a better space for the performers using the theater space and create a more professional atmosphere and allow the space to be better maintained and organized.



To provide more programming space during the summer months thus providing added revenue to the building to help cover general operating expenses and fund programming. Also, allow Jersey Shore Arts Center sponsored activities to local artists and art programs to fulfill our mission and acquire future funding for grants that will cover the cost of historic restoration. Create a cleaner, more organized professional space for performers using the Palaia Theater Green Room Space.

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