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Destruction of the American Male

La Strada Ensemble Theater Destructs Jack Gallo in a new play by Darren Debari

April 6-8 at Jersey Shore Arts Center's Third Floor Cafe

DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN MALE starring A.J. Ciccotelli and Christine Nagy, co-host of The Bob and Christine Morning Show on 106.7 Lite-FM, opens at La Strada’s home base at the Jersey Shore Arts Center’s Third Floor Cafe on April 6th through the 8th.

Local Brick Playwright Darren Debari described the play’s main character, Jack Gallo, as someone who had it all – a promising career as an actor, a trophy wife, and all the booze a young man could drink – then he lost it all. He takes a job as a stockbroker, and starts to claw up the ladder to the American Dream again – only to lose his footing and lose it all, again. Now, he wonders who he is, where he will get his next drink, and what he will leave behind that matters.

“I explore, in the play, what most defines American men today – our romantic relationships, our jobs and, finally, our very identities,” said DeBari. “But sadly, our ability to achieve success in any of these arenas is deteriorating every day because of factors such as unrealistic expectations and meaningless work due to a corrupt and failing financial system. My main character, Jack, is just the latest victim."

A.J. Ciccotelli plays Jack Gallo and Christine Nagy plays his romantic fling in this explosive play. “Acting with Christine and the rest of the cast is like a dream come true because they bring their A game to every play they’ve worked on with me,” said Ciccotelli. “We definitely can’t wait to share this play with the world. It is timely, and directors Donna Ault Jacobson and Evan Black are bringing out the layers of this powerful tale.”

The play’s cast rounds out with Evan Black, Michelle Curcio, Joe Delgiodice, Eric Hackler, Phil Korz, Donna Knowlton and Alexandria Pascucci. It is directed by Donna Ault Jacobson & Evan Black.

DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN MALE leaves the station at the Jersey Shore Arts Center, Third Floor Cafe (66 South Main Street, Ocean Grove NJ) Fri. April 6 & Sat. April 7 at 8pm and Sun. April 8 at 2pm. $25 tickets (Adult) and $15 tickets (senior citizen & student tickets with ID) can be purchased online at or by calling (732) 455-2748.

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