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"East Meets West" 2019 Print Exhibit


Mary Cosgrove - East Coast Art Coordinator 732/ 361-6161

Nichole Nappi – Executive Director,

Jersey Shore Arts Center

732/ 502-0050 For Immediate Release January 8, 2020 EAST MEETS WEST IN PRINT EXHIBIT FROM COAST TO COAST! • Regional Printmakers Collaborate Across County to Promote Printmaking in Jersey Shore Show • Ancient Art Medium Meets 18th Century Building and two “Near Century” Friends • An Exhibit Rooted in History Kicks Off the New Year in Historic Ocean Grove, NJ OCEAN GROVE, NEW JERSEY – February 25, 2019 – April 26th, 2019: East Meets West Print Exhibit Artists Reception: Friday, March 22nd • 5-7pm Jersey Shore Arts Center 66 South Main Street • Ocean Grove, New Jersey 07756

”18th Century Building Houses Coast to Coast Print Show in Historic Ocean Grove, NJ” “East Meets West” is an exhibit of prints from East Coast and West Coast artists promoting and showcasing some of the significant work being done in relief, intaglio, serigraph, lithograph and monoprint. In some ways this exhibit is the story of an ancient art medium that has survived the centuries ... an eighteenth century building that refused to die ... and the story of two geriatric geniuses who refuse to “go gently into that dark night”. Mary Pacios and Mary Cosgrove met almost sixty years ago as art students at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. After graduation from the painting department in 1962, they went their separate ways and their lives took very different paths. Mary P. continued to pursue her art career, raise her family and work as a social activist, finally settling in Portland, Oregon. Mary C. settled on the Jersey Shore, raising her family and channeling her creative energy into her local community. “50th Reunion Sparks a Partnership Across the Country” 2012 brought a 50th reunion at Mass Art and the two ... single again ... seamlessly picked up a friendship that survived the obstacles of distance and time. They had both embraced the printmaking medium and their shared interests further enriched their friendship. Last Fall, the two Marys started kicking around an idea for an exhibit of East and West Coast printmakers. Although just an idea at first, it was met with such energy and enthusiasm whenever they shared the idea that, it soon turned into a real plan. Needing a venue, they found the perfect one at the Jersey Shore Arts Center (JSAC), in historic Ocean Grove, NJ. Located in an once-abandoned 18th century school building that has been lovingly and carefully restored, JSAC is fast earning a reputation as a place for nurturing the arts and encouraging young and old to pursue their creative dreams.

For more on JSAC, and the inspirational story of that building, please visit For more information on the East Meets West Print Exhibit, please contact: East Coast: Mary Cosgrove (732) 361-6161 • JSAC (732) 502-0050 | West Coast: Mary Pacios (503) 914-7703 ###

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